School Meals

School Dinners

Warren Mead Infant School provides Universal Free School Meals for all our pupils. This is a government run scheme introduced in 2014 providing a hot meal each day for each child.

The children have a choice of meals and desserts which they choose at lunchtime. There is a three weekly rota for meals.

To see the meals on offer each week please click on the link below for the Surrey County Council 'My School Lunch' pages. Allergen information can be found on this page.

During autumn term 2020 children will be eating in their classrooms in 'bubbles' due to Government Covid-19 guidelines.  Please click here for our hot menu from the second part of autumn term.

Packed Lunches

Some Parents may choose to send their child to school with a packed lunch. We politely request the following

If your child is going to have packed lunch at school we have listed below some information to help, it is a busy time and we have lots of Lunchtime supervisors to help your child but we need them to be as independent as possible

Have a lunchbox that they can open and close themselves and food items that can be unwrapped/opened independently, without having to use scissors.

A named, plastic cup/beaker in the lunchbox is needed, we will provide their water. Please do not send in juice cartons or bottles of juice.  Only water should be drunk.

It helps if you cut crusts off sandwiches if your child doesn't eat them.

It helps if you prepare and peel your child's fruit if they cannot do this themselves

Sweets, chocolate, nut or nut products are not allowed in school and will be returned home in the lunch box. This includes the toppings that accompany some yoghurt type desserts i.e. Smarties, Flakes etc. Some children are highly allergic to nuts including peanut butter. This will be disposed of at school. Your child may have a Jaffa Cake or a chocolate chip cookie but nothing fully coated in chocolate.

We try to encourage independence and good table manners at school and have found from experience that tube type yoghurts/cheese strings and the “Lunchable” style packages, don’t promote this so we would ask you to refrain from including these. They are also frequently difficult to open without the use of scissors, which are not available at lunchtime.

Please don't overpack the lunchbox. All uneaten food and empty wrappers will be returned home so you are able to see what your child has eaten.


Fruit and milk

The children have fruit or vegetables at school every day which is provided by the government through local producers. It may be apples and bananas or carrots or sugar snap peas. Children receive free milk each day until they are 5 years old. Parents and Carers can then purchase milk for their child via The school office will advise you how to do this. Water is available at school and we encourage children to bring in a named water bottle too. Only still water is permitted as this hydrates the brain and keeps us healthy.

Healthy Schools                     

We are a 'Healthy School' and encourage healthy eating and exercise for all. We learn about balanced diets and healthy lifestyles in our Personal Social and Health Education, we have at least 2 hours of P.E and games each week for each child as well as music and movement. We also have to keep us healthy and fit. 

Websites that may be of use

Keeping fit and healthy - Change4life