Governor Biographies

Academic Year 2016 - 2017

Name: Ben Lloyd

Category: Co-opted governor

Appointed by: Governing Body

Term of office: 04.03.15 - 03.03.19

Committee and Roles: Chair of Governors, Chair of Children and Learning Committee, Pay Committee, Safeguarding, Headteacher Appraisal Panel,   Management of allegations against the Headteacher, Monitor for English


I joined the Governing Body in 2010 and started as a member of the Resources Committee, taking over as chair of Resources in 2012 and as Chair of Governors in 2015.



I enjoy serving on the Governing Body as a counter-balance to my role working as Change and Operations Director for a bank in the city.



I am a Chartered Management Accountant and hold an MBA from the University of Warwick. When not working I run marathons and go to the theatre.


I have a keen interest in education and enjoy being able to contribute to the success of Warren Mead Infants






Name: James Broad

Category: Headteacher Ex-officio

Appointed by: Governing Body

Term of office: From 01.09.18 -

Committee and Roles: Children and Learning Committee, Resources Committee, Pay Committee, Safeguarding



Name: Laura Freeman

Category: Local Authority governor

Appointed by: Local Authority

Term of office: 04.03.15 - 03.03.19

Committee and Roles: Resources Committee, Monitor for Maths/Science


I was very excited to be elected as a school governor. I have always been interested in education and used to teach French at a school in Tower Hamlets when working for a large corporate bank in the City. Since having a child, and as I live in the local area, my involvement in a local school is of more interest to me.

I have a BA Hons degree in Business Studies and French and am a chartered management accountant by profession. I have been working as an accountant in London for 20 years, starting out working for a large FMCG and more recently working in the banking sector in Canary Wharf. I have performed a variety of finance and business management roles and also managed teams across global locations.

Throughout my variety of roles I have gained a lot of experience which will enable me to advise and help on the Resources Committee and will be an asset to the Governing Body.


Name: Kulpash Patel

Category: Parent governor

Appointed by: Elected by parents

Term of office: 05.01.16 - 04.01.20

Committee and Roles: Resources Committee, Monitor


I am a qualified solicitor and have worked in the City and abroad for over ten years at an international law firm as well as in industry in both FTSE listed companies and privately owned.

I would look to bring some of my skills and experience to the school and help the school in achieving its strategic objectives. I am a business lawyer, so am able to advise on many things that most organisations face from a governance, operational and risk perspective.

Name: Louise Pearce

Category: Co-Opted Governor

Appointed by: Governing Body

Term of office: 04.03.15 - 03.03.19

Committee and Roles: Children and Learning Committee, Head Teacher Appraisal Committee and Monitor for EYFS and SEN.


I joined the Governing Body having been introduced to the school by a parent governor. Having relished the opportunity to help the school, I am now serving my second term.

 I am a Family Law Solicitor by profession, so gaining knowledge of education has always been of interest to me. I have therefore found being part of the Governing Body a useful and rewarding experience.

 Away from work I enjoy spending time with friends and family, theatre and travel as well as caring for our family’s two retired greyhounds.

 I know how important education is and appreciate the hard work and commitment involved in meeting the needs of every child and giving them the skills they need for their future. This is why I continue to enjoy working with the school, seeing the positive impact the school has on its students even with a challenging and changing education system.


Name: Jenny Thomas

Category: Co-opted Governor

Appointed by: Governing Body

Term of Office: 4.03.15- 03.03.19

 Committee and Roles: Children and learning Committee


 I have been fortunate to have had long associations with Warren Mead Infant School.

All four of my now grown-up children attended the school, and as a parent I took a keen interest in the development of the school.

I was then lucky enough to join Warren Mead as a member of the teaching staff. Over the years the school has seen many changes and grown from strength to strength. I have held many roles at the school and was fortunate to be appointed as Assistant Headteacher in 2007 and then Deputy Headteacher in 2012.

 After previously attending governor meetings as a member of staff, I was co-opted onto the Governing Body.

It is an interesting and rewarding role and despite taking retirement as Deputy Head at the end of the Summer Term 2016, I am very pleased to continue in my role as SENCO and also governor.

 I feel passionate about education and the vital role that we as educators have. Education never stands still and is ever changing bringing new challenges. I feel privileged to be part of a school community that has a caring and nurturing environment where standards are high and children thrive.


Name: Darren Wing

Category: Co-opted governor

Appointed by: Governing body

Term of office: 04.03.15 - 03.03.19 (second 4 year term)

Committee and Roles: Chair of Resources Committee, Chair of Pay Committee, Monitor for Computing, Art, Design and Technology 


I became a parent governor in 2011, whilst my son was at Warren Mead Infants, but have renewed my term to continue serving as a co-opted governor. I also live locally to the school.

 My occupation as an accountant lends itself well to serving on the Resources Committee for the Governing Body, for which I now act as Chair. I work for a London firm of accountants as a Trust Manager where my field is the taxation and administration of trusts, estates and charities in the private client sector.

 Away from work, I also have a passion for helping in children’s development. To this cause I have often acted as a helper for a local Guide group, I have assisted with with the running of a local boys’ football team, and I am a Level 2 cricket coach for Effingham CC, where I run and manage an U12 cricket team. I have been involved with all of these for some time and it has given me great pleasure to see a number of children learn and develop their skills from a young age.

 I am a family man with 3 children, and my wife and I find life hectic but rewarding. Sport has long been my passion with cricket and football regularly played, watched or coached. Being able to give the opportunities and experiences of sport to children is very satisfying and rewarding.

 It has been a great honour to be a governor of Warren Mead Infant School, and to see behind the scenes how well the school is run for our community and our children. Their education is paramount and I see the fine effort the school continues to make to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of the education system.


Name: Linda Yeates

Category: Staff governor

Appointed by: Elected by staff

Term of office: 03.10.16 - 02.10.20

Committee and Roles: Children and Learning Committee


I have worked as a teacher and member of the Senior Leadership Team at Warren Mead Infants since September 2012 and have recently taken on the role of Deputy Headteacher at the school. I felt that I would like the opportunity to be more involved in the strategic planning of the school and that the role of Governor would allow me to do so. I was elected as a staff governor in October 2016.

Before working at Warren Mead Infants I lived in Nottingham and worked at a Primary School in Melton Mowbray. During this time I had the opportunity to train as a Maths Specialist Teacher, and I have been a subject leader for Maths at both schools I have worked in.

Before teaching I gained a BSc in Physics at Warwick University and afterwards completed my PGCE to become a teacher at Leicester University.

When not teaching you will find me either running, cycling, doing an exercise class or singing in a choir!