Spiritual Moral Social Cultural Principles

The integrity and spirituality of pupils from all faith backgrounds will be respected. The diversity of spiritual traditions will be recognised and pupils will be given opportunities to reflect on these.

All adults will model and promote expected behaviour, treating everyone as unique and valuable individuals, and will demonstrate respect for pupils and their families.

Pupils are given the opportunity to reflect on and amend their behaviour.

Pupils learn to know what is right and what is wrong and how their actions affect other people. They are taught to empathise with others and to value themselves and others.

Pupils are taught to understand the need for rules and the need to abide by rules for the good of everyone. School, classroom and playground rules promote and reward acceptable behaviour and provide opportunities for reflection and adjustment.

We provide many opportunities to celebrate pupils' work, effort and achievements.

Throughout our curriculum we seek to draw from as wide a range of cultural contexts as possible.