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Mrs B. Homer - Headteacher

Miss L. Yeates - Deputy Headteacher

Miss A. Angus - Class Teacher

Miss S. Bovill - Class Teacher

Miss R. Harris - Class Teacher

Mrs L.Johnson - Class Teacher

Mrs C. Jones - Class Teacher

Mrs L. Pisa - Class Teacher

Mrs V. Presswood - Music/PPA Teacher 

Mrs C. Simpson - Class Teacher

Mrs S. Wiseman - Class Teacher

Mrs J. Thomas - SENCO

Mrs K. Bachen - Special Needs Assistant

Mrs L. Chidgey - Teaching Assistant/Lunchtime Support/Admin Support 

Mrs L. Flint - Teaching Assistant/Emotional Literacy Support/ Play Leader/Breakfast Club Manager

Mrs S. Howard - Teaching Assistant/Lunchtime Support

Miss K. Johnson - Teaching Assistant

Miss K. Laid - Teaching Assistant

Mrs A. Mitchell - Teaching Assistant

Mrs M. Moore - Teaching Assistant/Senior Lunchtime Support

Mrs A. Reed - Teaching Assistant/Lunchtime Support

Mrs J. Windmill - Teaching Assistant

Mrs S. Holm - Teaching Assistant/Lunchtime Support/Admin Support

Mrs T. Holt - Lunchtime Support/Breakfast Club Assistant

Mrs S. Knott - Lunchtime Support

Mrs S. Rathband - Admin Officer

Mrs C Gudgin - Admin Support

Miss K. Leigh - Admin Support

Mr J Head - Caretaker

Mr R. Stevens - Premises